Why Gold Continues to Remain a Financial Asset

The United States came off the gold standard, backing the national currency decades ago. The government now backs the American dollar instead of gold reserves, but gold continues to be an investment that people use as a financial asset. There are many reasons why gold matters even in a digital age where cryptocurrencies are comingContinue reading “Why Gold Continues to Remain a Financial Asset”

Bitcoin Investing Explained

Though Bitcoin is discussed as a decentralized currency, it behaves more like a speculative asset. Qualities of a good currency include: stability compared to other major currencies apolitical issuing authority recognition and demand by institutions and people Though Bitcoin is thoroughly “apolitical” and is recognized by individuals and governments alike, it fails on the stability metric.Continue reading “Bitcoin Investing Explained”

Gold Is On The Rise Again

If you haven’t noticed, the price of gold is on the rise again and some investors have already taken notice. The main reason for this is the threat of inflation is back, after being dormant for many years. Inflation in a NutshellInflation occurs when the dollar (or any other currency) decreases in value, making goods and servicesContinue reading “Gold Is On The Rise Again”

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