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Bo Polny CNBC Crypto Trader

Bo Polny, located in Newport Beach, California, is an expert cycles timing analyst in the gold, silver, and cryptocurrency markets.

Bo Polny can be recognized as the founder and face behind Gold 2020 Forecast on YouTube, which regularly receives upwards of 5 million views. He has been featured on network television shows such as CNBC Crypto Trader, as well as popular online shows like USA Watchdog and Bo has also been a speaker at a myriad of industry conferences around the world.

Unlike other market analysts, Bo Polny uses his faith in God and his knowledge of the bible to analyze the patterns of the market. Following Daniel’s Timeline, Bo is able to predict changes in the market using timelines and patterns laid out in the Bible. He is one of the only analysts who can tell investors where and when to invest their money.

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